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How to Start Cello Tape Business or Adhesive Tape Business Ideas making

 Cello Tape Business or Adhesive Tape Business Ideas 

Most people are thinking of starting their own business and being your boss. The making of cello tapes or adhesive tapes is a highly profitable business and easy to start. Cello tape is used in daily life for general consumer use in the shop, office, restaurant, and household activities. It’s mainly used in packing and labeling industries.


Cello tape is used for the packing of manufactured goods such as corrugated boxes, packets, paper boxes, gifts, and office items for the ease of transportation and delivery. Cello tape is a product used to join materials with the surface bond.


Types of Cello tapes 


  • Transparent tape
  • Masking tape
  • Electric tapes
  • Brown tapes
  • BOPP Tapes (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene)
  • Single Side Coated Fabric
  • Protection Tape
  • Labeling tape


Cello tape is belonging to the pressure-sensitive tapes. There are more than 400 different types of pressure-sensitive tapes. There are available in different sizes and widths. Generally, Brown colour and transparent tapes are used commonly. There is a regular demand for cello tapes in the market.


This business can be easily started in a small space and requires low investment. Also, various designs can be printed on cello tape for better looks and aesthetics.


In this article, we will discuss two ways to start Cello tape making Business-  

1 – Small Scale Cello Tape Business Making

2 – Large Scale Cello Tape Business Making (starting from basic raw materials to final product)


1 - Small Scale Cello Tape Business Making


In this article, we will be providing information regarding new business ideas about Cello Tape or Adhesive tape making business. You can start this unit as a side hustle and earn a good amount of money.


You can buy the raw materials easily from online websites such as Indiamart.com, Alibaba.com, etc. it can be also purchased from the local market.  


Housewife can easily start this business as it is easy to operateless training required and the raw materials are easily available.  


To start cello tape small scale business there are various types of machines and raw materials to be purchased

  • Core Cutting Machines – Manual machine to cut Paper Core according to the size required of cello tapes. Long paper core is cut into small paper core size where the cello tape is winded. The price of the paper core is around Rs 25 to 30 per kg. Also, you can print your brand name on the backside of the paper core which is generally in 8,10- and 12-Mm thickness. 
  • BOPP Tape Rolls – The price of this tape rolls is around Rs 120 to 125 per Kg. they are available in the market according to size and length. 10 to 12-inch rolls are generally used for small machines. 
  •  BOPP Tape Cutting Rewinding Machine – The tape rolls are feed into these machines and according to the length set in Meter. The machines cut the tape rolls and is winded into the paper core which is fixed into the machines. This is automatic machines that automatically stops after the desired length is achieved into the cello tape. It has a knob to control the speed of the machine. 12-inch roll is used to convert into 1 to 3-inch cello tapes. 
  • Packing process- After the completing process of cello tape making the cello tapes are packed into various bundles with the help of a plastic wrap heating process. It sticks to the rolls packet or bundle which is generally the 12-inch height of the bundle. The cartoons are required to pack the box.


Costing and profit analysis of the cello tapes


The total cost of these two machines, core cutting, and tape cutting machines is around Rs 1,00,000. The price of machines depends upon the production capacity of boxes per day and the sizes required.


The tape rolls are purchased in Kg and the final product cello tape is sold in the market based on the length (meters).


The profit in cello tapes when supplied to wholesalers is around Rs 1.5 to 3 per tape. You can earn a profit of around 100 to 150 per box. The quantity selling will be more for wholesalers.


If the cello tapes are supplied directly to the consumers it will be around Rs 5 to 8 per tape. But selling directly to the end-user will be in small quantities such as retail shops.


The production per day of cello tape will be 15 boxes. The profit per box will be around Rs 150. Considering 10 hr per day and 30 days a month, the profit will be around Rs 65,000.


For higher profit margins, you have to sell in large volumes.


Selling of Cello Tape 


You can start marketing and promotion activities on social media to reach out too many customers across different parts of the world. Register as a seller on various online B2B, B2C such as Amazon, Flipcart, Trade India, Indiamart.


The selling of cello tape can be started with the local market such as stationary, colleges, offices, hardware shop, wholesaler agents, the business who uses cello tape in their industries.


Also, you can visit nearby cities, villages, and towns for increasing the sales of cello tape. You can heir delivery person for managing the supply and order collection. Proper marketing and promotion have to be done regarding the new product in cello tape.

You can also start selling cello tape dispenser with cello tapes.


For the making of electric tapes, various extra machines like slitting machines are required. The making of Masking Tapes (furniture use) requires slitting machines and rewinding machines extra.


You can also start printing in cello tapes after successfully set up the above business as the investment in the machines will be more.


2 – Large Scale Cello Tape Business Making


Now we will discuss the making of cello tape from starting raw materials to finished products. The process of making adhesive tapes from starting is very long and it requires a lot of investment.


The Scope of cello tape is going to increase in the future as it is used daily in many industries and commercial purposes in large quantities. These tapes are used in electric insulation, sealing purposes, packaging use, and other general uses.


Raw Materials Required for Cello tape making


The most of the materials used in making cello tape are synthetic

  • Cellulose – cellulose acetate and synthetic derivate of cellulose are made from wood pulp or cotton seeds.
  • Oil
  • Cotton
  • Natural gas
  • Polypropylene roll
  • Natural rubber
  • Zinc oxide
  • Magnesium oxide
  • Phenolic resin
  • Solvent
  • Packaging material


Machinery required for starting large scale making of adhesive tape making 


In the market, there are various types of machines available depending upon your investment and type of cello tape manufacturing.


  • S.S. tank fitted with stirrer for preparation of adhesive
  • Cooling and Packaging machine
  • Printing Unit
  • Coating machines
  • Slitter machines
  • Automatic core cutting machines
  • Rewinding machines


Manufacturing Process of Cello tape Making


The majority of cello tapes are made using synthetic materials only.  


Preparing of Cellulose acetate


The raw cellulose is made from the pulp or cotton seeds. After acetic acid and acetic anhydride are added to raw cellulose forming triacetate. The triacetate is mixed with various mixture of chemicals and water forming the cellulose acetate. The moisture in cellulose acetate is removed with the help of the heating process forming plastic pellets. Then this pellet is spread over a wide conveyor belt to form thin plastic sheets.


The plastic pellets are then melted to form a thin plastic layer. About 3 to 5 plastic layers are mixed depending upon the thickness required forming the upper layer of tape.


Making of adhesive

The adhesive required in making cello tape is formed using synthetic polymer chemicals. After that, the upper layer is mixed together with the glue forming the tape which is then wrapped in rolls. The adhesive is made from crude oil distillate. The polymer compound is mixed with hydrocarbon solvent forming an emulsion which is applied to the back of the tape or film.


Combining of cellulose acetate film and adhesive 

The process starts with the non-adhesive side of the film with a substance to make the tape easy to unroll. 

The other side is then applied with a primer to stick to the adhesive. It is done with the help of a roller that rotates continuously. After that application process, the tape is heated over the hot cans. The tape is then dried and wound onto the jumbo rolls. After that, the cutting machines cut the tape rolls and plastic dispensers according to the desired size required.

Acetate film is loaded into the machines where the adhesive is applied to it. After that, the film is heated with heating substance and then is cut into appropriates strips.


Process for starting cello tape business unit


Starting a business requires various factors to be considered such as

- Location is an important aspect of starting a business. Facilities like electricity, water supply, easy of transport facilities is necessary

- Business registration

- GST registration and Trademark registration

- Factory license and NOC are also required for setting large scale manufacturing unit.

- Local authority permission


Various precautions while making cello tape on large scale

The manufacturing process involves using various chemicals which need proper handling as they will be a fire hazard. Also, proper handling and storing of chemicals, machinery, and materials are required by the employees in the unit.


You need to keep process care of adhesion, the stick of the tape, and cohesion. Various test is to be done for checking before packing of cello tape to ensure quality.


There are various local and state regulations to be taken care such as wastewater treatment, pollution, worker safety, proper handling of raw materials. You can learn from other manufacturing units and heir the appropriate technical person for looking at the production line. The total cost of large-scale cello tape business is between 25 to 30 Lakhs.

As the competition is high in this business so proper research has to be done regarding new types of cello tape.


Final thought


Starting a small-scale business of cello tape is highly profitable and requires low investment. The demand is increasing. Cello tape is used in every sector whether city or town. You can start adhesive tape business with the help of machines and raw materials. Research and analysis have to be done before starting any business.


For large scale business, you need to consider the capital required before starting this business as the investment is the main part of any business. You need to have complete information on making cello tape by doing proper research of raw materials, manufacturing process, and target market before starting this business. Have a proper planning of the target customers, product demand, costing, and profit analysis.

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  1. I want to start cello tape manufacturing business, how is the future of business, profit of margin?

    1. Currently there is high demand of packaging products as after the lockdown, there is growth of many business. the profit of this depends upon your production, costing of making cello tape, making environment friendly cello tapes.