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Low Investment Candle Making Business Ideas

Low Investment Candle Making Business Ideas


Have you been looking for new business ideas and earn profits? Then know how to start a candle making business easily. So, if you are planning to start a candle making business kindly check out this article.


Candle making business is very easy to start and affordable. It does require a huge investment or any complex machinery to start. Candles are used as decoration, restaurants, parties, households, and weddings for the lighting of the interiors. It is also used in religious ceremonies.


In this article, we will know the detail procedure of manufacturing candles.


How to start candles manufacturing business?

What are the raw materials required for candle making?

What are the types of machinery for making candles?


The candle making business is a small-scale manufacturing business idea that does not require huge capital and the profit margins are high. For simple candles making, it can be started at home also due to it does not require machinery. 

There is a huge potential for the growing stylish and decorative shape candles in the market. The demand for candles is there throughout the year as it is used for various purposes. The raw materials are easily available in the local market. currently there is more demand for premium scented candles which are major uses in restaurants, home d├ęcor, and many more. 


There are various steps for starting a new candle manufacturing business, such as registering, Legal license and permits, machinery and raw material 


Types of candles 

Liquid candles

scented soaps

Aromatic Candles

Decorative candles

Traditional candle 

White candles


Factors for candles making business 


Demand analysis – The major factor to be considered is demand and supply. Considering the current demand in the market the customers are needed and make candles according to the needs and demand is automatically created.


Easy to start – For starting a candle manufacturing business does not require a lot of equipment or more space. The materials and machinery are easily available in the market. Also selling of candles is easy due to price factor and as aesthetics 


Here we will discuss the business model for candles. Candles can be sold directly to consumers or through companies such as gift shops, craft sellers, online platforms, and boutiques. There are various molds available for designing of candles according to requirements. Also, new molds can be designed according to new ideas created which can be beneficial for new product launches with premium pricing. Various colors are set which can be set according to appearance. 

Few points for increasing the profit 

- So, in order to increase the sales select candles according to the requirements of customers such as going trend on scented candles, designer candles various new shapes. It will lead to greater profit 

- Make a new strategy for promotion such as buy 2 get 1 Free in starting time only and make candles different from the available candles in the market so, that the sales will grow very much in the market. 


Wondering what are the raw materials required in manufacturing candles?


-Wax is the main component in the making of candles. There are various types of wax in making candles such as paraffin wax (standard white-coloured wax), bayberry wax, gel, carnauba wax, and beeswax. The price of wax starts from Rs 40 to Rs 100 per kg.

- Dyes or molds are required for setting up candles in various sizes and shapes according to the requirements. Various instruments such as jars, tins, and other tanks are required for setting up final candles. The cost of mold starts from Rs 30 and can be up to Rs 500 per piece. 

- Wicks are braided cotton thread which is available in Chebros Normal White & Bleached Candle Wick. The price of thread is around Rs 100 per kg.

- Machinery = Three types of machinery are available for making candles. The machinery is to be placed according to the production capacity, quality, and space.

 Manual machines = It consists of a handy machine in which the hot wax is poured into the dyes and the candles will be ready. This type of machine is used where the quantity (250 to 1200 pieces per hour) required is low and is mainly operated at homes. 


Semi-automatic machines are those in which the machines are used for setting up dyes and molds. 


Fully automatic candle manufacturing machines are used for a high production rate (200 pieces per minute). It requires more space; the price of machinery is also high but the manufacture of the candles is more accurate and many different varieties of candles can be manufactured.



-Fragrance oil is used in making candles for aroma and fragrance. there are also used in making premium candles which are now in more demand. Various coloring agents are also used. the rates may be high even upto Rs 500 per kg for premium fragrances.


The total cost of the project candle making is between Rs 35000 to Rs 200000. It depends on the machinery used, selecting the type of wax as there are different types of wax is used and the size and shape of candles making. 



Candle Manufacturing process

The main material used in the making of candles is wax. First Stearic acid is melting at high temperature and is transferred to various mold where the candle wick or thread is already placed in the mold or dyes.

For automatic candle manufacturing machine, the dipping is operated electronically in which the wicks are together placed in the machine. the paraffin is the poured in the mold where the wicks are placed before. The candles are then left till it solidifies. After that the candles are removed from the machine. 

Currently the new production of making candles is through pressing. The candles are formed in the mold using great pressure. It is used for making bigger candles.  

The various types of aroma and colors are mixed with the wax before placed in the dyes for making Scented candles, Aromatic Candles, and Decorative candles.


Profit in candle manufacturing 


The profit margins are approx. 40 to 60 percent according to the sales. If the candles are sold directly to the customer's profit margins will be greater and if the candles are sold through dealers and agent the profit depends on the marketing strategy and volumes placed by them. 

People love handmade candles that are made uniquely and for special uses. 


Selling of Candles 

The candles available in the market starts from Rs 30 to Rs 1000. You need to select which candles are moving fast in the market according to demand. The pricing should depend on the quality and finish of the candles. If you are select lower range candles then you need to select the raw material according to quality. For targeting premium range selecting the right wax, scents and mold design is an important factor so that the customers need not to look.


The candles can be sold easily offline in various shops, gift shops, and boutiques, or online mediums such as Amazon, Flipkart, and various B2B platforms. There is a growing trend in online where the products are easily displaced and can reach across the different parts of the world. A special website can be built easily for selling candles.


Final thought 


Candle making business ideas are easy to start and requires low investment. The profit margins are also high and can be sold easily as the demand for candles is throughout the year across different parts of the world. 

low investment candle making business ideas

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