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Is Aluminium Foil Container Profitable Business? Aluminium Foil Making Business Ideas.

Aluminium Foil Container Business Making Ideas


Hello, today I am going to describe the manufacturing process of Aluminium Foil Container, types of raw materials required, profit analysis, sales strategy, and machinery details. The foil container business ideas can be profitable if various steps and strategies are followed.

As aluminum has versatile properties of lightness, corrosion resistance, and electrical conductivity, it is used in making foil containers for storage and increasing the shelf life of end products. Aluminum foil is a thin sheet of metal that is used to protect against moisture, bacterial, and transport packaging.

Table of contents

Benefits of using aluminum foil container

Market Potential

Procedure for starting aluminum foil container business

Raw Materials used in Making Aluminum Foil Container

Machinery required for starting aluminum foil container unit

Manufacturing Process of Aluminum Foil container

Selling and Profit Analysis



The Aluminium foil containers are used for preparing and storing food items. They are mainly used in the food and packaging industry. The aluminum foil is a thin metal and is used for wrapping food products. It is used in restaurants, food delivery, and railway catering services. 

The main usage of foil containers is in the food and packaging industries where the packaging has more importance for storage and delivery of food items. It is available in various sizes and shapes and easily customized according to the needs of the customers.

As the aluminum can be easily recyclable they are environment friendly. The aluminum foil containers are available in various sizes such as 120ml, 250ml, 450ml, 670ml, and 750ml.

Benefits of using aluminum foil container

  • Recyclable and Eco friendly
  • Thermal properties and strength
  • Heating and freezing of food items
  • Hygiene and Non-toxic
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Protection against bacteria and moisture
  • Customized and decorative characteristics
  • Odorless and tasteless

They can be used in all types of ovens for preparing foods. The users can use the container directly for heating or freeze the food items. It can be used in the packaging of liquid items as the foil is leaky and waterproof.

Market Potential

The demand for aluminum foil containers has risen due to the change in food habits and changes in lifestyle throughout the world. As it is used in a variety of products in Pharmaceuticals and beverages food products there is a great potential for starting an aluminum foil container business.

India plays a major role in the production of aluminum foil. India's share is around 3 % in the world aluminum market and it is increasing at a growth of about 3 % during the last 10 years. India is a major producer of aluminum foil growing demand in ready to eat foods and storing. 

Aluminum foil containers are used for cooking, freezing, and reheating of food products in the food processing and manufacturing industry such as bakery products, take away products, and airline catering. It has good thermal properties and is energy efficient.

Market usage of aluminum packaging

  • Food and beverage - 75%
  • Pharmaceutical - 7%
  • Cosmetics -8%
  • Others- 10%

Application of Aluminum foil

  • Pharmaceutical tablets
  • Ready to eat meals
  • Bakery products
  • Frozen foods
  • Confectionery and biscuits
  • Gift wraps


Procedure for starting aluminum foil business

Starting a business requires various procedure such as

Business company registration, GST Registration, Trade License, Trademark registration, and local authority permission is required for starting a business.

FSSAI Registration is compulsory for starting an aluminum foil business.

No objection certificate (NOC) is required from the state pollution control board.

For starting this business, you may need proper training and guidance. You may need three skilled workers, two unskilled workers, and two salespeople. The space required will be around 800 to 1200 SQFT. It includes the machinery and storage space. 

Basic facilities like electricity, water supply, and proper space are also required for the starting of this business.

Raw Materials used in Making Aluminum Foil Container

  • Foil Roll - The main component in making is aluminum foil roll. It is available in 7,9 and 11 microns. The rates for foil roll are between Rs 200 to 250 per Kg depending upon Quality and microns sizes.
  • Molds or dies- The die mold is different depending upon the sizes such as 120ml, 250ml, 450ml, 670ml, and 750ml.The size selection should be taken proper care as there is a different mold for every size and mold prices are also high.
  • Final packaging items such as box, cartons, and Cello tape

For more details regarding Cello tape manufacturing visit -Cello Tape Business or Adhesive Tape Business Ideas 

Machinery required for starting aluminum foil container unit

You can start a unit as a medium or large-scale business depending upon the production capacity and investment. To manufacture container different machinery is available in the market, make a proper plan to select the right machinery according to the demand of the products.

There are two types of machines used in making foil container

  1. Semi-Automatic aluminum foil container machines
  2. Fully Automatic aluminum foil container machine

The difference between an automatic machine and semi-automatic machine is that in a semi-automatic machine the foil container product is collected with the help of manual means.

There are various models such as Single, Double, and Four cavity mold.

Main Parts in Automatic Machine for aluminum foil container

  • Punching Press
  • Aluminum Foil Feeding Machine
  • Automatic Stack Machine & Collecting Machine
  • Automatic Scrap Collecting System
  • Air Compressor System
  • Lifting-Loading/Unloading Material and Mould
  • Digital PLC Computerized Panel Control


Fully automatic machine process

  • Raw material feeding
  • Lubrication
  • Punching with the help of mold
  • Foil collector
  • Packaging

The automatic machine production capacity is between 50 to 70 pieces per minute.

The total cost of Automatic aluminum foil container machine will be around Rs 20 to 23 lakhs depending upon the cavity and extra machines such as scrap collector, loading, and unloading of mold machine and material.

The total cost of the Semi-Automatic aluminum foil container machine will be around Rs 15 to 18 lakhs depending upon the mold size and capacity.

For making the closing lid of the aluminum foil container you may need another die. Remaining is the same process.

Manufacturing Process of Aluminum Foil container

The main steps in making foil container from aluminum foil roll is

  • Aluminum foil unwinding
  • Feeding foil
  • Press stamping
  • Waste collection
  • Collecting process
  • Packaging

Foil containers are produced on stamping press by feeding the Jumbo foil rolls.

With the help of air pressure, the press cuts the sheets into the container with the help of various molds. Depending upon the press it can produce single or multiple containers in a single stock of the press. Cutting and forming blank sheets into the container and Edges are made curl and after that Embossing and formation of metal, patterns are done.

After that, the ready container foil is collected on the table and packed according to the requirements. Generally, 1500 pieces are packed in one box.

Selling Analysis

Now we will discuss the selling model analysis of aluminum container foil.

You can start online selling by registering for various B2B portals and B2C portals. Amazon, Flipkart, Indiamart, and Trade India can be beneficial for easy selling of your products online. You can also register with Justdial for local place orders. You can promote your products easily on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

For the offline market, you can supply to the wholesale market dealers, various food shops, restaurants, and provision stores.

As the usage of the plastic bags has been banned so the aluminum foil containers are used mainly in food packaging uses. You can increase the profit by better Marketing, promotion, new innovative design, and providing better quality features than the available product in the market.

Profit Analysis

The profit margins are around 15 to 20 percent depending on volumes and quality. The production capacity of the machines will be around 50 to 70 pieces per minute depending upon mold size.

There is a higher profit margin by supplying direct counters such as restaurants, food delivery services, canteens but the volume will be less as compared to wholesale distributorship.

The production capacity for Semi-automatic container foil is 3600 pieces per hour of 450 ml. The 1500 pieces are packed in one box. 

The production cost per 1 piece is Rs 0.5 and the wholesale market selling rate is Rs 0.8, so the profit per piece is Rs 0.2.

So, the total production per day will be 28000 to 30000 pieces for 8 hours. You will be able to make 18 to 20 cartons every day. The profit per day will be around Rs 5500 and calculating the profit per month (25 working days) will be Rs 1,35,000.

The profit per box will be around Rs 200 to 250 per box depending upon the quality and printing appearance.

The retail reference prices for the container foils are below

250 ml price 125 per 100-piece packet

450 ml price 270 per 100-piece packet

750 ml price 360 per 100-piece packet


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Note -

Width, length, and other dimensions should be according to the market.

You need to make new innovative designs like cylindrical food containers, easy of usage, toxic-free, and better benefits. The focus is on the convenient packaging of food products.

You need to focus on accuracy, materials, and appearance of the foil. Various printing and embossing can be done on the container foil to improve aesthetics and appearance.

Cleanliness and Hygienic proper care should be taken as it is used in serving food items. 


Aluminum foil is used in pharmaceuticals for packing of medical tablets safety, cosmetic items packaging, bakery items, hospital, hotels, food catering, restaurants, and railway for preservation and freezing of items.

Starting an aluminum foil container manufacturing business idea is a profitable industry in India as it is highly popular in packaging materials and most versatile packaging solutions in today's market.

You can start manufacturing aluminum plates foil and aluminum bowl foil together with the manufacturing of Aluminum foil containers for better profitability and a wide range of products.

If you have any doubt, comment in the below box

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  1. how and where can i get practical knowledge about aluminium foil containers manufacturing process

    1. You can visit your nearby aluminium foil container factory units with the permission from the owners. also you can have practical experience by working in any foil unit for few months and then start your own business.
      There are also few videos in YouTube which explains the details regarding aluminium foil containers manufacturing process.

  2. What % GST applied on Aluminium foil container selling?

    1. HSN CODE - 7612-Aluminium casks, drums, cans, boxes, etc. GST- 18%
      HSN CODE - 7615 Table, kitchen or other household articles of aluminium; Utensils GST- 12
      HSN CODE - 7615 All goods other than utensils i.e. sanitary ware and parts thereof, (inserted w.e.f 14/11/2017 : table, kitchen or other household articles, of aluminium)GST- 18