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25 Best Manufacturing Business Ideas to Start during and after the Lockdown Era. New Business Ideas in India.

25 Best Manufacturing Business Ideas

If you are looking for new manufacturing business ideas to start in the Lockdown or after the lockdown era, then this article will suggest some best 25 small and medium scale businesses to start and begin your business.

New Manufacturing business Ideas in lockdown

As due to the COVID 19, many new business opportunities are created based on the demands and requirements. There are many products and services that you can start providing and earn money. You need to focus on creating new products and services which would be beneficial to everyone.  

The main things to consider are consumer demand, new opportunities, trending products, and services. This new manufacturing business ideas will create a bigger opportunity for you after lockdown. The Government is also encouraging individuals to start their own business through the Startup India scheme.

In this article, we will discuss the new best manufacturing business ideas to start your own business. 

1- Medical Equipments

As the social distancing guidelines are there so the wearing of protective equipment is necessary in current times. It helps to protect against bacteria, safety, and hygiene. The medical supplies are used in Hospitals, home care, pharmaceutical, general market, and industries.

As the global demand is increasing in health products, so starting medical supplies manufacturing or trading can be the best business to start now. You can start Hand gloves, PPE kits, hand sanitizer, Face Masks, and Face shield.

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2 - Cleaning services products 

As the rising of maintaining Hygienic and cleaning is increasing, so starting of making cleaning products such as automatic dispenser, Disinfectant spray, and sanitizer, sanitizing products, cleaning products, vacuum, and air freshener products will be a highly profitable business. It will be used for shops, restaurants, shopping malls, office space, fitness centers, sanitized public places, and various homes for Hygienic, cleaning, safety, and protection purposes. You need to provide products that can be used in professional cleaning products.

3-Automation products 

The rise of technology automation is seen in each sector due to changing customers' expectations, so the need for newer products which helps the consumer for easy access and usage rises. 

You can start manufacturing drones, machinery automation products, contactless delivery products, transport products. Making robots for daily use such as automatic sanitizer booths, Vegetable spray products, dishwashers, shopping products, warehouse automation. 

Reducing manpower and using automation products in fields where the possibility of transmission of viruses may be there, thus using robots and machinery the virus can be prevented. 

4-Agarbatti or Incense sticks making business

Incense sticks or agarbatti are used as fragrance sticks for various purposes in religious and social functions. Agarbatti is made of aromatic powder which acts as a fragrant fumigant and helps for antiseptic properties. 

The main material required is Bamboo sticks, Charcoal powder, Jigat powder, Essentials oils, and aromatic ingredients. It can be manufactured with a manual process and an automatic machine process. 

For a small scale, it can be started with a capital of Rs 50000 to 80000. For large scale businesses, the cost may rise to around Rs 120000 to 150000 as the expense of raw material, machinery, staff, electricity, and packaging will be more.

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5-Children Toys

Starting children toy manufacturing is the best business idea in India. Due to many toy products being imported from various countries, now due to COVID 19 pandemic the supply has been halted. It is one of the most growing industries

Different toys like various cartoons, cars, dolls, board games, puzzle games, wooden toys, and an infinite number of shapes and sizes according to age group. The toys are the children's favorite and best-playing products. 

You can make modern and newer design products. Analyze the current demand for the products by research in various areas and market places. The demand for eco-friendly toys is a great potential to start the business. You may need various machinery, plastic mold, and raw materials. 

6-Fitness gym Equipments

Stay Fit and Stay Healthy is a popular term for everyone. As gyms are closed in most places, starting the manufacturing of fitness gym equipment and accessories will be a great idea. The gym equipment can be easily used at homes, hotels, and fitness centers. 

Healthcare equipment, physical fitness, muscle strength of the body. You can start manufacturing fitness equipment like treadmill, weight loss machine, cycle, bodybuilding items, as everyone will be at home and most gyms are closed. It can be a small or large scale manufacturing business.


7- Electronic Items

The electronics industry has witnessed significant growth over the past years. The demand in the electronic sector will be increasing as the newer technologies products have raised. 

The electronic items that you can start manufacturing like electric motor, capacitor, mobile circuit, power cable, battery, fans, PLC, Tv, Washing machine, Air conditioning, and Set up box. The Government has provided various incentive schemes for starting electronic manufacturing units.


8-Art and craft products

Those who love to do different things daily they can start manufacturing art and handicraft products. You need to have New creative ideas, hobbies, unique products and create from waste to the best products. 

Various artists make products from natural raw material which is easily available and environmentally friendly

Jewelry, paintings, stationery, clothing and many more items can be started depending on the market. You can start selling on Instagram or creating your website for increasing the sales. 

9-Tissue Paper Napkin 

Tissue Paper Napkin Making Business is a very profitable small-scale business which will give high returns with a low investment. No big investment is required and only a few training will be required to start this unit manufacturing.

Tissue paper napkins are used in various places like hotels, restaurants, office places, malls, homes, and beauty salons.

It is a Great business manufacturing opportunity business as the demands are increasing day by day. The export of tissue paper napkins can also be started as it has demanded all over the world. The materials required are jumbo reels, wrapping paper, glue, and cellophane.


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10-Food Processing Products 

You can start manufacturing various food items and food processing products such as nutrition foods items, ready to eat products, immunity-boosting food products, FMCG products, bakery items, tomato processing, tomato sauce, frozen food items, and dried powder business. 

As foods are essential items used daily, starting food products manufacturing can be highly profitable and demanding. You can also export your products to other countries. 

11-Packaging Products

As many countries have banned plastic bags and packaging products, Starting renewable and Biodegradable packaging products manufacturing business can be a new idea to start. 

You can start manufacturing Bioplastic packaging products, biodegradable packaging, recycled products, box manufacturer, packaging food products, corrugated boxes, transport logistics, jute bags, canvas paper bags, pharma medicine boxes, and reusable bags. 

You have to do research, planning, and newer strategies to achieve your business to new heights. It can be supplied to supermarkets, pharmacies, grocery, malls, and other shops. 

12-Organic Soaps

The organic soaps and exotically scented soaps have a good demand throughout the year. also, the handmade soaps can be started making. you need to provide skin-friendly products which have been made from natural raw materials. 

The business can be started with an investment of Rs 1 to 2 lakhs. The raw materials required in making soaps are Organic oils, natural color, and moisturizing oil.

stationary making business ideas

13-Stationary Items

Stationery items such as file folders, envelopes, pencils, colors, erasers, staplers, glue, compass, and many more products. The stationary items are used at school, colleges, companies, and household purposes. 

14-Fashion Jewellery 

Fashion jewelry business is a low investment that can be started easily. It is evergreen business items like Hair and Head Ornaments, Neck items, Arms, Hands, Body, and Feet products.

Jewelry business is highly competitive and there are many companies in the market. you need to provide something different and special to the people. you can build good social media by promoting your products.

15-Footwear manufacturing

The footwear is used in our daily life such as work, school, or any other place. Starting a footwear manufacturing unit can be highly profitable if various steps and plans have been created. Ladies footwear is currently in more demand. Various footwear depending upon the usage like slippers, sports shoes, formal shoes, sandals, and other footwear are most common to start.  

It requires a capital investment with simple machinery and tools. There is a great opportunity for newer fashion design products that have comfortable and fashionable looks. 

16-LED Light manufacturing

LED - Light Emitting Diode. LED lights are used for lighting purposes. It has great demand in domestic as well as in the export market. As it has a better lifespan, higher efficiency, and low power consumption. starting a light manufacturing business can be started with low capital investment. 

It has more durability and energy saving than a normal bulb. Thus starting this business is a new opportunity for entrepreneurs. 

17-Disposable plates and cups

Plates and cups are used in our daily lives. It is an alternative to steel, ceramic, and glass usage. The manufacturing of these products can be easily started. The profit margins are also high depending upon the volume as it is least expensive. 

You can start supplying to local markets, wholesalers, retail shops, catering services, and online portals such as Amazon or Flipkart. It is used in serving food items. 

18-Concrete blocks

The construction of the building and offices can be only set up with the bricks or concrete blocks. The block industry is unorganized and highly competitive. you need to do research and planning before starting this business. It requires low investment and can be sold easily in local markets. It is small scale business ideas that can be started easily with fewer raw materials and machinery.

19-Spice Powders 

As nowadays due to lockdown many restaurants and hotels are closed or working with a limited time duration. So the people have started making various delicious dishes from their home. This has created an enormous demand for the basic food items including the spice masala powders. 

Spice powder has a great potential market in India and all over the world. There is a high demand for spices seasoning in the export market. So starting a masala powder business is a highly profitable business.

20-Groundnut oil

The other new business to start is groundnut oil making. It is a seasonal crop that is available throughout the year. Different types of groundnut are available. It has huge demands from other countries. It is a medium scale industry. 

21-Smartphone accessories

The growth of smartphones is increasingly popular across the world. Due to the demand for smartphones, its accessories such as tempered glass, headphones, phone covers, wireless chargers, car stand accessories, selfie sticks, and many other accessories have created new opportunities to manufacture. 

You need to make new innovative and quality products that are different from the market to create a great demand for your business. As the use of social media has increased it can be used for selling accessories online easily. 

22-Beauty Products 

As consumer spending and lifestyle improvement are increased daily the beauty products are more in demand due to the advertising and promotion done on television and social media. This has increased the usage of cosmetic and beauty products all over the world.

The beauty products are in great demand in the market. The cosmetics products are having an enormous demand in India as well as in other countries. The beauty products can be also exported to various other countries as the demand is also increasing.

The demand for beauty products is throughout the year and are the least expensive beauty products. For extra benefit, you can start manufacturing new natural and chemical-free safe beauty products which are more concerned as now. Organic beauty products, face wash, face creams, lotions, lip balms, scrubs hair, and skincare products can be started manufacturing. 

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23 -Premium and Scented Candles 

Candle making business is very easy to start and affordable. It does require a huge investment or any complex machinery to start. Candles are used as decoration, hotels, restaurants, parties, households, and weddings for the lighting of the interiors. It is also used in religious ceremonies.

For simple candle making, it can be started at home also due to it not requiring machinery. There is a huge potential for the growing stylish and decorative shape candles in the market. The demand for candles is there throughout the year as it is used for various purposes. Currently, there is more demand for premium scented candles which are major uses in restaurants, home d├ęcor, and many more.

The total cost of the project candle making is between Rs 35000 to Rs 200000. It depends on the machinery used, selecting the type of waxes as there are different types of wax is used and the size and shape of candle making.

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Everyone loves chocolate whether children or adults are very much fond of chocolate items. You can start manufacturing exotic flavors, newer variants of chocolate, and handmade chocolates. Along with chocolate, you can start making cookies, biscuits, and many other snacks products. 

You can provide your chocolate items in various gifts packed with nice appearance, customized printing, unique box designs which can be sold offline or online. 

You can provide special orders for various festivals and occasions with Various sizes and shapes. easily start from your nearby place. The materials required are cream, sugar, cacao bean, and mold. 

 25-Personalized Gift Items

The newest and best items which are growing at a fast pace are personalized items according to the customer requirements like T-shirt, pens, key holders, power bank, wooden frame, pillow cover, bags, mug, and many varieties. 

Gifts are the best used for festivals, birthdays, and wedding ceremonies. You need to start manufacturing various gift boxes and packaging items which can be sold to wholesalers, direct gift shops, or online portals. 

customized gifts paking ideas

Selling Analysis

For offline start with local markets such as a provisional store, grocery store, various shops, and wholesalers. Also, Online platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and B2B come very useful for selling your products directly to end-users easily. There is a growing trend online where the products are easily displaced and can reach across the different parts of the world. A special website can be built easily for selling products.

You can classify the business as small, medium, and large scale industries depending upon the investment and production capacity.


Starting a manufacturing business requires planning, experience, skills, knowledge, and investment. Select the machinery according to the demand analysis. If you have more experience in sales then try for a large scale otherwise first try with manual machinery to analyze the situation of the market.

There are many more business ideas that you can start easily. I have provided a new and trending manufacturing business ideas. All the above manufacturing businesses require research and analysis, have proper planning, company registration, and Legal documents. this is for educational and informational purpose only. 

If you have any doubt, comment in the below box.

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