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How to Start Tissue Paper Napkin Making Business easily

Tissue Paper Napkin Business Ideas 

Do you want to start a new business? Then this article will guide you for making tissue paper napkin business ideas. Tissue paper napkin is used in various places like hotels, restaurants, malls, homes, and beauty salons.

Tissue Paper Napkin Making Business is a very profitable small-scale business which will give high returns with a low investment. No big capital is required and only a few training's will be required to start this unit manufacturing.

As you will be knowing the paper napkin demand has increased very much so we have provided this article regarding the manufacturing process of a paper napkin.

Table of contents

  • Scope of paper napkin business
  • What are the raw materials required to manufacture a paper napkin?
  • Process of paper napkin making
  • Machinery required
  • Costing and Profit analysis
  • Final thought

The tissue paper napkin making business can be started with semi-skilled labor with fewer materials required. It is a Great business manufacturing opportunity business as the demands are increasing day by day.

The export of tissue paper napkin can be also started as it has demanded all over the world. There are few procedures for starting the export of tissue paper such as IEC code, quality standard license.

Process for starting tissue paper napkin business

·         Preparing a business plan

·         Training and practical experience

·         Business registration

·         Raw material and machinery buying

·         Costing analysis and research

·         Location required


Area required - The minimum area required to start tissue paper making unit will be around 500 SQ FT. The space required for the machine will be 15 Ft x 5 Ft. 

Also, various facilities like easy material available, water supply and electrical facilities are needed. Arrangement is to be done properly as the space should be feasible for raw materials storage and finish goods storage.

Raw Material required for Tissue Paper napkin making

-    Jumbo paper rolls – price around Rs 50 to 70 per kg. the paper is of two types hard paper, and soft paper. The price of paper roll depends on the GSM of paper.

-    Wrapping paper

-    Glue

-    Cellophane

The rates of hard paper will be around Rs 62 to 65 per kg and for soft paper it will be around Rs 72 to 75 per kg. the electricity of the machine required is around 3 kW.

Paper rolls can be brought easily from online such as Indiamart.com, tradeindia.com, and Alibaba.com and also offline in the local market. Analysis of the prices of required rolls according to the final product making.

Making tissue paper napkin at home can be started easily and with low investment as only few spaces is required for making tissue

Process of making Paper Napkin

The direct Jumbo paper rolls are used to feed the machines. After that the printing and embossing are processed according to the different requirements. The operator required will be around three skilled and two unskilled.

There are two types of unit for manufacturing paper napkin

1-    Single colour Printing and single Embossing unit

2-    Double colors Printing and double Embossing units

Then the paper is passed to the cutting machines and finally packed into plastic bags or boxes. For 1 kg of paper around 6 packets (1 packet= 100 napkin) of tissue, napkin can be made.

The plain napkin can be produced around 25000 tissue per hr and printed napkin can produce around 23000 tissue per hr.

Sizes of paper napkin

22x22, 30x30, 20x20, 24x24, 40x40 CM. the most commonly used size is 30x30 CM.

The machine cost for paper napkin will be around Rs 5 lakh for a single colour and single embossing. With additional raw materials and other costs, the final cost for paper napkin business will be around 8 to 10 lakhs. For different sizes different machines are to be used.

For better productive sealing machines can be used.

Various types of tissue papers such as facial tissue, tissue napkins and paper towels which can be started together with the making of tissue paper if you want to increase the classifications due to some common machinery are required for all the tissue making.

Profit and selling analysis 

The production capacity for the machines will be 1500 packets (100 pieces per packet) per 8 hr.

The manufacturing cost of the paper napkin will be around Rs 11 to 11.5 per packet. This includes the electric charges, raw material, and labor charges.

The selling prices are around Rs 13 to 15 per packet in the wholesale market depending upon the size and quality of the paper napkin. The margins will be around Rs 2 per packet.

Considering per day production of 1500 packets, the total packets for one month will be around 45000. The profit per month will be around 45000 packets x 2 is Rs 90000.

The profit margins will be higher (30 to 40 percent) if the napkins are directly given to end-user like restaurants and hotels whereas it will be around 15 to 25 percent.

For unique napkins various new embossing and printing can be beneficial for higher profit.

The paper napkins can be sold to various hotels and restaurants according to their brand requirement. Quality plays an important role in this paper napkin business as the customers will be using for hygiene purposes.

Final thought

Paper Napkin is a Small-Scale Making Business which requires low investment and simple process. Start with single colour printing and embossing machine. As it does not require more manpower and complicated machinery starting this business can be highly profitable. Select the right size to manufacture and focus on the customers' feedback will improve your sales.

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