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Paper Straw

Paper Straw - Biodegradable and environmentally friendly

Paper straws are made of 100 %biodegradable environmental materials which are the best alternative to the plastic straws. Nowadays the plastic waste is increasing day by day in the oceans and harming the environment's sea life. The main benefit of plastic straws are they are easy to dispose of and durable. They are safe for human consumption and do not affect the health. The inks used in manufacturing straws are also safe for health. Many countries have banned the usage of plastic straw and more focusing on Paper straw.

The Uses of plastic stray are for Fruit juices, Ice coffee, Thick shakes and regular beverages. It is best for commercial and home use. These straws will not crack or melt during the use.

The plastic straws are available in various sizes such as 6 MM, 8 MM and 10 MM. They are available in various types of patterns according to various functions and festivals. The plastic straws are packed in 10 or 25 pcs per bag. The price per straw will be starting from 0.5 Rs to 10 Rs per straw according to different sizes and specifications.

For Buying Paper Straw Please follow the link below

Paper Straw

Paper Straw Manufacturing Process

This Machine is reasonable for creating diverse sizes of paper straws, adopted with human-machine activity interface, principle engine is outfitted with variable recurrence speed guideline, Easy for parameters setting and working.

Product Details:

Voltage 380V Phase 3

Paper layer 2-5 layers

Frequency Range 50-60 Hz

Material -Mild Steel

Working Speed - 40-50m/min

Overall Dimension - 8000x6000x1800mm

Weight -1200 kgs

Paper Thickness - 0.3-1mm

The machinery used in paper straw making are

1- CNC Cutter of 5 or 6 heads.

2- Gluing Equipment.

3 - Paper Roll Frame

4 - Collecting Machine for Paper Straw Storage.

5 - Drying Equipment.

6- Various motors.

7 - Electric Controlling Panel and computer PLC control

The Price for Automatic Plastic Straw Machine Starts from 15 lakh - 25 lakh depending on capacity and sizes.

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