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How to Start a Pizza Seasoning Business. 2020 New Business Ideas.

Pizza Seasoning Business

Looking for New Business Ideas starting from your home, then you can start Pizza Seasoning Business. It is a low investment and high-profit business to start.

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In this article, we will discuss Pizza seasoning business ideas. Types of ingredients required, procedure of seasoning making, and selling analysis.

Pizza Seasoning is a mixture of Traditional Italian herbs mixed with onion flakes, garlic powder thyme, rosemary, and pepper flakes. There are various uses of pizza seasoning in everyday dishes such as pizza, garlic bread, and many Italian cuisines.

You can start making pizza seasoning at your home. You may need the raw materials and packaging materials

Pizza Seasoning Uses

There are infinite uses of pizza seasoning in many food items such as pizza, Garlic Bread, Nachos, Pasta, Sandwiches, Burger, Breadsticks, Bread dough, Cheese rolls, and many more cuisine dishes.

You can use this seasoning mixture with any food items according to your taste. It can be used on different Indian dishes as well.

Market potential

As nowadays due to lockdown many restaurants and hotels are closed or working with a limited time duration. So the people have started making various delicious dishes from their home. This has created an enormous demand for the basic food items including the Pizza seasoning.

Pizza Seasoning has a great potential market in India and all over the world. There is a high demand for seasoning in the export market. So starting a pizza seasoning business is a highly profitable business.

Process for starting pizza seasoning business

If you are starting pizza seasoning making business then you have to follow various business procedure steps to start a business.

- Location is an important aspect of starting a business. Basic facilities like electricity and transport facilities are necessary

- Business registration, GST registration, and Trademark registration

- Factory license and NOC are also required for setting large scale manufacturing units.

- Local authority permission

- FSSAI license is required for starting this business as it is a food business.

  • Preparing a business plan
  • Various practical experience
  • Business Registration
  • Raw materials buying
  • Costing analysis and research
  • Space requirements.
  • Starting of business
  • Selling and marketing analysis

Raw Materials required for starting Pizza seasoning business

The ratio of ingredients should be the same every time for a perfect taste mixture. The main raw materials are mix Spices and Herbs.

The main things to consider in making seasoning are Freshness, taste, and nutrition.

Pizza seasoning is made from a mixture of Oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary dried onion flakes, garlic powder, thyme, fennel, red flakes, ground black pepper, salt, anti-caking agent and vegetable oil.

Oregano - the wholesale price of Oregano leaves stars from Rs 150 to 300 per kg depending upon quality.

Basil - the price of basil starts from Rs 50 to 100 per kg.

Dried Onion Flakes - the dried onion flakes can get around Rs 50 to 80 per kg.

Garlic Powder - the garlic powder price is Rs 30 to 60 per kg.

Thyme -

Fennel - the prices are around Rs 180 to 220 per kg.

Pepper Flakes- the red chili flakes are around Rs 150 per kg

Black pepper- the grounded black pepper powder should be used.

You can add or remove other ingredients according to market supply. Also, you can add extra toppings and premium quality ingredients.

You can purchase these raw materials from your local market or online portals such as Indiamart.com. There are different prices for raw materials according to the Location. You need to calculate the cost accordingly to the compositing ingredients.

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Making process of Pizza Seasoning

Pizza seasoning making is a simple and easy process. The herbs and spices used should be Natural and fresh with natural flavor and aroma.

You need to mix all the ingredients according to your composition in a bowl or container. I have provided a reference mixture composition for analysis and details.

mixing machine can be also used for large production capacity. Some ingredients need to be ground or made into powder form before mixing into the mixture.

The proper composition mixture of all the ingredients should be the same every time. You may need to keep the fixed mixture formula for exact details. Spices are heavier than others and will be at the bottom and some spice will be at the top.

You need to keep some products in air conditioning storage to preserve the freshness and taste.

You need to examine the freshness, aroma, and taste before filling in the packets on fixed set parameters for ensuring the purity and effectiveness.

You can try making a spicy pizza seasoning also according to the taste and requirements.


Another aspect of this business is about packaging the seasoning into various bottles or packets. As it is used widely in many restaurants, household purposes, representing your business brand and packages play a vital role in selling your products.

The pizza seasoning is available in Glass containers and plastic bottles. Various small packets are also available for food delivery purposes.

The bottle cap can be used 2 way, one for small quantity with little holes and the other is for more quantity direct opening. You can select the bottles according to your requirements for the packaging of the seasoning.

You need to provide moisture resistance packaging to keep the seasoning fresh for longer shelf life and store the aroma. The shelf life is between 6 months to 1 year depending upon the ingredients used.

Attractive packaging of the bottles can be done with unique design concepts and boxes. Nice container which can be easily opened and close with holes at the top.

Generally, the bottles are available in 30 to 300 grams. For wholesale packaging, you can provide 20 kg or 25 kg big bags.

You need to provide nutrition data on your product packaging including weight, cholesterol, sodium, vitamins, and health information.

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Selling Analysis

Packaging and pricing are the main factors for increasing the sales providing with excellent quality.

You need to make the best spice and herbal mixture for taste and dressing of foods which will be a unique way of entering into the market.

The selling price for pizza seasoning starts from Rs 1400 per kg and can reach up to Rs 3000 per kg depending upon ingredients used and packing type.

Depending upon the packaging used such as glass or plastic the price can be set accordingly.

The Profit margins are around 20 to 35 percent depending upon the ingredients and packaging. The process of calculating the costing of pizza seasoning is very simple. Adding ingredients costing according to the amount of use for a fixed batch mixture.

As the products are easily available in your nearby store. To get a better idea of the price you can visit the grocery store and note down the ingredients price and weight of each product.

You can start selling offline in various grocery stores, provisional store, wholesale market, cookware shop, and general store. You can also visit directly to the restaurant, hotels, and catering services for bulk quantity. you can also start selling on online platforms such as Amazon and Flip cart easily.

Marketing promotional activities, fliers, brochures, recipes booklets, spice usage exhibition food stalls, and sample small packet promotion can be started for increasing the sales. You need to focus on the quality of seasoning for pizza purposes only after that depending upon the market you can alter the taste according to the requirements.

You have to use fresh ingredients such as herbs and spices due to the seasoning mixture have a limited shelf life. Try providing combo offers for initial selling of the packets.

Tips and precautions

As it is food products the main criteria should be focused on the health and purity of the consumers. You need to use natural spices and ingredients.

Chili Flakes should be added according to the proper composition as it can change the taste of seasoning.

The storage space needs to be clean and dry. The temperature needs to be below 40`C.

No added colors or flavors - there should be no harmful colors or preservatives added in the seasoning. You need to preserve the natural taste of each ingredient.

You should try yourself and other family members for knowing the taste according to the different people. You need to check the feedback and change the mixture according to the customer requirement.

You can produce different versions of seasoning mixture according to the different markets. No added preservatives, No Artificial Flavour, No additives.

Grinding size should be fixed for all the ingredients especially chili flakes so that it will match into the food dishes.

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Final thought

Starting a pizza seasoning business is highly profitable and requires low investment. The demand is increasing as most of us will be using it in daily life. You can start making pizza sauce, white pizza sauce, sauce, and various toppings.

For people who like to cook new and delicious food items, seasoning is best for add on and make your meal yummy and tasty.

Research and analysis have to be done before starting any business. You need to have complete information on making seasoning by doing proper research on raw materials, manufacturing process, and target market before starting this business. Have a proper planning of the target market, product demand, costing, and profit analysis.

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